Satellite Tracking Map

All of Swarm's satellites are tracked consistently. This map provides real-time tracking of Swarm's satellites with LeoLabs' global radar network. Over the course of the day, all points on Earth receive coverage. Swarm currently has 9 satellites in orbit - stay tuned as Swarm deploys its full constellation to provide affordable global connectivity.
  • Global Coverage

    Relay data from connected devices anywhere in the world. Swarm helps eliminate dead zones and eliminates the pain of managing dozens of international vendors.
  • Low Costs

    Don't be overcharged for the critical data you need. Swarm offers connectivity for a fraction of the cost of other satellite systems.
  • Customer Experience

    Avoid the pain of traditional satellite data plans that are needlessly complex. Set up devices and manage data volumes that meet your needs.
  • Easy Setup

    Deploying Swarm's small and energy-efficient ground hardware is easy with simple self-setup instructions.
  • Easy Integration

    Swarm’s hardware is easily integrated with third-party devices and supports a variety of communications protocols.
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