IoT and precision agriculture have dramatically changed how the industry operates. Commercial farm owners and AgTech startups alike are increasing operational efficiencies, forecasting with enhanced accuracy, and improving yield with connected devices. Swarm extends these new technologies to remote locations previously constrained by connectivity challenges.


Industry leaders in solar, wind, and oil and gas have long struggled with high operations and maintenance costs, especially in remote areas. With the increased monitoring capabilities and preventive measures that IoT devices offer, stakeholders can reduce costs and increase productivity. Swarm provides connectivity to solar panels, wind farms, and oil rigs around the world, delivering insights via Swarm’s network everywhere your business operates.

Ground Transportation

The shipping and delivery industry demands highly accurate tracking for fleet monitoring, route optimization, and package tracking. Around the world, Swarm’s network ensures accurate tracking through constant connectivity and reliable performance.

Global Development

Some of the most powerful applications for connectivity are in the global development sector. IoT devices help improve air and water quality, facilitate emergency communications, and track vital weather and climate changes. Swarm helps organizations deploy these devices in regions with poor communications infrastructure and connects people through text messages in locations without cellular or WiFi coverage.

Shipping and Maritime

Whether you operate a freight container fleet, tug and towing operation, or commercial fishing vessel, you have an essential task: effectively monitor the status of your crew and your assets. Unlike traditional satellite companies that offer costly data plans and hardware, Swarm enables you to implement reliable, affordable solutions for critical connectivity. With Swarm, you won’t miss key insights on status, location, health, weather, safety, and performance that ensure the success of every voyage.

Connected Cars

Top automakers plan to produce millions of connected cars over the next decade. Diagnostic data, performance data, and preventive maintenance are all integral to a flawless experience. Swarm’s reliable global network supports customers wherever they drive.

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