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Swarm Satellite Pass Predictor

Check upcoming passes

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An overview

Spec Sheet

See the Tile specs at a glance.
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Get started

Tile Quickstart Guide

Your guide to getting started with the Swarm Tile.
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Go in depth

Product Manual

Detailed instructions on integrating and using the Tile.
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2D Views

See the Tile dimensions in detail to help with integration.
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See in detail

3D CAD File

See the Tile from every angle in this STEP file.


Tile Altium Library

Altium library components, 3D Tile footprint, for board layout.

Certifying your products

Certification Guide

Ensuring your products meet FCC regulations once the Tile has been integrated.
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API reference


Swarm RESTful API documentation.
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Sample code

Python Script Example

Example Python script utilizing the RESTful API for backend functions.

DC to DC power supply

Example DC Power Supply

Low noise DC to DC power supply for VHF RF.
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All-in-one solution

Swarm Tile Eval Kit Reference Design

Get started with the Swarm Tile Eval Kit.
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Unbox it

Swarm Tile Welcome Video

What to expect when your Swarm Tile arrives.
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See your data

Hive Dashboard Set Up

See how to set up your Swarm Hive Dashboard account.
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